1. Dates To Remember:


  • 20 - Parent Orientation @ 6:30 PM (Meet and Greet)
  • 27 - Teacher Orientation
  • 28 - School Opens @ 8:20 AM


  • 2 - Labor Day - No school
  • 12 - Disney Day - A separate flyer will be sent home.
  • 13 - Early Dismissal - 12:30 PM for staff training. No after school care is provided and no lunch at school that day. Please arrange for early transportation for your children.
  • 18 - LifeTouch Uniform Picture Day - A separate flyer will be sent home with details.

2. Chapel: 

Our first chapel will take place on Wednesday, September 4th, at 8:30 AM.  Parents and friends are always welcome to attend.  Thereafter, corporate chapels (entire school body in the sanctuary) will take place MONTHLY on the FIRST Wednesday of each month only.

3. Gym Schedules: 

Grades PreK-2 on Mondays, beginning September 9th
Grades 3-5 on Fridays, beginning August  30th
Grades 6-8 on Mondays, beginning September 9th

Students are to wear their gym uniforms to school on their specific gym day.

4. Peanut Butter Allergy: 

Because two of our elementary students have peanut butter allergies, peanut butter foods are banned from Grades PreK/K and Grades 1-2.

5. Pick Ups and Drop Offs: 

(1) Please do not stop in the driveway when dropping off your children in the morning.  If you need to walk your child into the school, pull your car into a parking space to ease the flow of incoming cars.  School doors should not be blocked by cars.
(2) Please be mindful of the crosswalk in front of the school as well to avoid being ticketed by local police.  (3) Students are dismissed at 2:50 PM.  All students are dismissed through the back door at the end of the back alley.  Just drive down the one-way driveway, and we will direct you out through the back to Middle Street.

6. Late Arrivers: 

School begins at 8:20 AM.  If you arrive at school after that time, the doors will be locked.  Late students will be given tardy passes in the front office, which will admit them to their homerooms.  Tardiness disrupts class time and hinders student learning.  Please do your best to get to school on time.

7. Medication Policy: 

All medications (prescription and non-prescription) are to be turned in to the school office in their original packages for dispensing by an EGCA staff person.  A student cannot carry his/her medications during school hours.  Medications are to be transported to and from school from adult to adult only.  Please review your Parent Handbook.

8. Absenteeism/Homework Requests: 

If your child will not be in school, we require a parent to
call the office by 10:00 AM to report the absence.  Homework requests should be made at that time as well to give teachers enough time to gather everything needed.   If we do not receive a call, the absence is considered "Unexcused".

9. Hot Lunch Program:    

Please send your orders in by Wednesdays each week.  We will not have extra food for sale, as we will only order what parents pre-order by Wednesday each week.   Food selections this year include:  chicken tenders, mac & cheese, hot dogs, grilled cheese, penne, meatball subs, and pizza.  Details will be included in each week's Monday Mailer.

10. Registration Forms: 

It is very important that each student’s registration paperwork be completed and sent to the office as soon as possible.  All Emergency Forms are required to be updated as changes take place in a parent’s job, insurance coverage, address, and telephone numbers.  All forms, including your child’s updated health record and transportation release forms, must be in the office by October 1st.  Massachusetts’s law requires that all immunizations be updated and filed in the school office so that we can report the information to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

11. Fall Fundraiser: 

We will be doing the catalog fundraiser this year.  More information to follow.

12. Scrip:

We will be restarting the Scrip gift card program.  These are gift cards from over 50 stores, including supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, major box stores, and more.  If you give gift cards for the holidays, or buy groceries regularly, this fundraiser will make your life easier and raise money for EGCA.    More details to follow soon.

13. Pets/Animals: 

Because some of our students and staff have animal allergies, pets should not be brought into school.  Please keep your animals in your cars if you choose to travel with them.

14. Supplies: 

Each student should have all of the supplies listed on his/her respective grade supply list.  Students without proper supplies will receive the appropriate discipline as outlined in the Parent Handbook.  Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions or needs.

15. Homework Policy: 

Please review the Parent Handbook regarding homework.  Incomplete homework is considered unacceptable character and falls under the discipline policy.  Please review your child’s student assignment book (SAB) daily to know what homework needs to be completed each day.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

16. Uniforms:

  • Used Uniforms:  May we request that you keep and put aside any uniform article that is still in good condition but may be too small for your child?  Other EGCA parents could benefit greatly for the next school year.  These uniforms may be dropped off at the school office.
  • Need uniforms??  Stop by the school office during office hours to check on our used uniform inventory.
  • Gym Uniforms: These may only be ordered through our office. Orders will be sent to our supplier on the 1st of each month.

17. Enroll A Buddy:

You could earn $100.00 by getting a new student to join our EGCA family. Recommend the school to people you know; if a new student enrolls because of your recommendation, you will receive a check for $100.00 at the end of term 1…just in time for your Christmas shopping.

18. A+Bonus Bucks:

Stop and Shop Cards:

Thank you for participating. We hope to resume this painless fundraiser in September.

19. Box Tops

will be collected throughout the summer.  You may drop them off at the office or save them until school begins again.  Thank you for your continued participation in these efforts.

20. Recycling:

Please save your used inkjet cartridges. There is a basket in the office for them.  We are using these funds for technology equipment and supplies. Thank you for your continued participation in these efforts.

21. EGCA Facebook Page: 

If you are a participant in Facebook, check out and like our page.  Many pictures and fun information get posted there often.


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