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Barnabas Ministries

Barnabas Ministries is an international Christian organization that is committed to encouraging and equipping pastors and leaders in more than 27 developing nations. This is done by providing ministerial tools to over 3000 pastors, and by sending teaching teams into the continents of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The ministries aim is to help God's servants endure in the fulfilling of the call of God on their lives, and to be encouraged in these critical times. The ministry teams are made up of U.S. pastors and leaders who donate their time and abilities to train others. In any given year 40-45 pastors accompany the 50 teams that go to do the seminars.

Pastor Ron has served as a team member on many of these mission trips beginning in 2007 to the country of Ghana, ministering to over 450 pastors and leaders in four different cities. Ghana 2011Since then Pastor Ron has joined Dr. David Wyns for ministry in: Zimbabwe-2008, Kenya-2009, Zimbabwe-2010, Ghana-2011, and Zimbabwe-2012. Pastor Ron is continuing to minister to pastors and leaders encouraging them in their leadership throughout many nations. The next trip is slated for Kenya and Rwanda in June, 2013. In addition he has had the privilege of hosting some of these pastors (Pastor Joseph Anakye Acura, Ghana; Pastor Michael Chege, Nirobi, Kenya; Pastor Tom Arati, Mobassa, Kenya) at Master Builder Christian Church here in Fall River, as they continue to network together.

At MBM we believe that the local church is the hope for the world. We have supported two African ministries that have had a great impact in their countries and have a vision for planting local churches. These include Apostle Numbere of the Greater Evangelism World Crusade in Nigeria and Pastor Fred Okumo of Kenya.

Nigeria - Brother Geoffrey Numbere has been a dear friend to our ministry for many years. We have joined with him and his wife in their Greater Evangelism ministry dedicated to planting churches in Nigeria and surrounding African countries. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to partner with this wonderful couple in the ministry of the Gospel.

Kenya - Over the past years we became acquainted with Pastor Fred Okumo, a church planter in Kenya. He has ministered at MBCC and is seeking church leadership training from us. We have helped raise money to purchase a plot of land to build a school for children and also provide vocational training for women and men. In August of 2006 Pastor Ron traveled to Nairobi, Kissimu, Sugarland and Homa-Bay where he devoted two weeks time to open-air meetings and leadership training. Pastor Fred Okumo has requested a return visit where a process can be started for the training of local church pastors.


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